#Sea Legs

Levi, Canadian Gulf Islands

We’re back, after an incredible week boating with my parents in the Canadian Gulf Islands.  The boys all agreed that the trip exceeded their expectations.

And they were glad they packed their wetsuits…

Levi jumping canada

boys on boat, Canada

boat jumping

boat jump, Canada

Yet as always, it is really good to be back home.

Except I can’t seem to stop sway-sway-swaying… #SeaLegs.

Besides all of the fun and beauty, I had a lot of time on the boat to think about this blog, and my writing.  You might remember that one post where I had some ants-in-my-pants about this blog, and how I felt a change in the air and all of that…Well, I’m pretty excited to feel like I have a fresh perspective–Even some solid direction for where I am headed.   Yay!

As soon as my brain works again (and I quit rocking in my seat,) I’ll be excited to tell you more about my thoughts.

The boat trip also gave me time to read (a real book–the kind you hold in your hand!) and kick back with everyone doing things like Trivia Games, Mad Libs, coloring books, and Yachtzee…How healthy is that!?

So.  Healthy.

(On the way back my boys actually said something along the lines of “Mom, you did really good–You really weren’t angry at all on the boat!”  I wasn’t sure how to feel about that one, except to think maybe I should be on a boat more.)

I’m leaving you with one more big-batch of photos from the trip…because we took—A LOT.

And then I’ll be back soon with a few posts that have been growing in my head and only need to make their way to the keyboard. :)

**I already forget which pictures are from which towns and islands…haha–but the last few you might recognize are from the lovely Butchart Gardens.

IMG_9869 IMG_9861 IMG_9859 IMG_1002 IMG_0997 IMG_0985


thegrommom1 Luke and Levi, dock

grommom and grandma

Dock, Gulf Islands, Canada Thetis Island, BC Boys/Butchart Gardens Butchart Gardens Boys and grandparents

Thanks Mom and Dad for a most wonderful adventure, and thank you all for following along.  It wouldn’t be the same without ya!

With Aloha,

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