Boating the Canadian Gulf Islands.


Greetings, from my parents boat in the Canadian Gulf Islands…

Sea Trial Boat Canada, w/ thegrommom

We’ve had an amazing adventure so far, visiting a new island or harbor almost every day.  My parents planned this trip so well, making sure there was some kind of adventure for the boys at every stop.  We flew into Victoria, and spent one night at the Port of Sidney.  We then made our way to lovely Genoa Bay, then on to Ganges, (on Saltspring Island,) and now we are at Telegraph Harbor, (on Thetas Island.)  The boys have had many chances to roam independently, cruise in the dinghy, hike, get muddy, and make amazing memories.

We have taken ferry boats to other islands, gone kayaking, fishing, and caught at least 18 dungeons crab!  (Who likes crab?  I have some new recipes, since it is now a staple in our boating diet! :))

Every town, harbor and marina has had something special to make it my personal favorite:  From rustic bistros on the dock, to cute ice cream shops, adorable houseboats, and flowers (flowers everywhere!) I have fallen in love five times over!  And we still have three days left to go! :)

We’ve only uploaded some of our photos, but while I’ve got a bit of decent internet, I thought I would hop on and say hi and share some of our travels.

Swanson Groms in Canadian Gulf Islands

Josiah Swanson, Canada


photo 5 photo 4

grandparents w/ Levi

photo 6

IMG_9872 thegrommom IMG_0308

thegrommom Canada

photo 3

photo 9 photo 8 IMG_0458 IMG_0481

(We don’t have snakes in Hawaii, so that was kind of a big deal, haha.)

I am so grateful to my parents for giving us this wonderful adventure.  I know my boys will treasure these memories forever, and the trip has been soooo good for me.  (Is there anything better than sleeping on a boat?!)  :)

I do post whenever I can on Instagram and Facebook, so that’s the best way to keep up with us until I can get back here. :)

Much love to you!

PS  To all who have pinned and shared my post on “What a teenage boy needs…” thank you.  I’ve been shocked to see how many people have been spreading that around.  Any time you share my writing it is such a  blessing.  Thank you!

Returning to A Sweet and Simple Island Life

Swanson front lanai

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Welcome to our Island Life. Jump on in, the waves are good.