Do you ever wonder if any of it it really makes a difference?  Those things you do…when no one is watching, and no one is asking, and only you know what you do.  Whether you’re at work, or in the home, another long day, or middle of the night, do you wonder?

This is for everyone, but Moms–I can start with you:  Never mind the big stuff—the deep cleaning, or the meals for special occasions (raise your hand if you planned all last week for Easter dinner, so your family could scarf it down in 4.5 minutes and leave you with a pile of dishes…amiright?) Those count too, but right now, I’m just talking about the daily tasks:  The sweeping crumbs off the floor for the fourth time today?  Has anyone noticed that?  Would someone notice if you just stepped across them?  Because you could, couldn’t you?  How about the peanut butter sandwiches that you could make with your eyes closed?  Does that count for anything at all?  The turning off the tv when it would be easier to just let the little ones stare.  The putting away toys, the ability to answer fourteen questions in four minutes while putting dinner in the crockpot, and arranging dentist appointments–all at the same time.

Is there a gold star out there for the little things?
Is there some kind of recognition, or end goal, or maybe just a pat on the back waiting at the end of the day for Heaven’s sake?

Will the kids ever realize how much energy it took to fold that one…last…load of laundry for the day?
Does the woman at the grocery store checkout counter see in your eyes that you would drop everything and have coffee with her right now because you are so desperate for conversation with anyone over eight years old?
Does your husband notice that you brushed your hair and put on lipstick when you saw him coming up the driveway?

Do the kids really need one more story?  One more bath?  One more listening ear?

And maybe even more:  Does God hear your prayers?  The little ones asking for patience.  The big ones asking for protection?  Does He really see?  Does your faithfulness really matter?

It’s not just the moms…I wonder for my own husband (who is much to humble to wonder for himself) if his daily drive to and from work seems completely overlooked by me (I rarely mention it.)  Does the hours he takes in the hospital to listen to families who are not ready to let go of their dying mom or dad…these hours that don’t make him a single penny…Do they matter to anyone?  Will they be remembered?  Considering one in a hundred will jot him a note or mention him to anyone later…The guy’s gotta wonder.
Will his faithfulness to me, and his hurrying home to help with the boys really be appreciated, or just taken for granted?

We all have lists, and some of them are very, very long.  The daily things we do.  The little chores, the thankless jobs, the quiet-as-a-prayer said under our breath moments…and we can’t help but wonder if they count for anything at all.

I’m not talking self-pity here, but a simple question that flies through your mind while you carry on doing what you know…you simply need to do.

We don’t often get to choose our richest life lessons.  Most of mine came in the form of lonely days, and small children.  They came during the years my husband was in medical school and residency.  My second son was born four weeks after we moved to Hawaii, and his first two years were some of the hardest of my life.  Living on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, with no friends, and a husband working crazy days and nights were hard enough.  Then my second son was plagued with countless ear infections, many of which landed us in the ER because his fevers would not respond to medicine, and he was resistant to just about every antibiotic they tried.

I longed for friends or family then.  I longed for relief from the sleepless nights and the baby that just cried in pain all of the time.   I thought I knew what I needed, but God knew what I really needed.  And all He called me to do was to be faithful.   Day after day after day.  


Holding your sick kids.   Singing another song.
Sometimes the greatest thing we are called to do is to simply be faithful.

Being faithful in the little things requires humility and strength.  It doesn’t matter if being faithful means answering a phone with a smile on your face, or sitting quietly with your elderly parents.  Being faithful is personal.  And it is most often very quiet.

Being faithful, is the doing what you know you need to do, even when no one is looking part of life that is…maybe, the most important part of life.

There are new ways I need to be faithful in this season of life.  Today my faithfulness is about homeschooling, and keeping calm when my house (and life) feel chaotic…and so very loud.  Being faithful is tuning into each kids’ individual needs, and giving unconditional support and love.

Being faithful today is also about sitting at this computer, in the dark morning hours, and trying to take the words that are all built up in my heart and string them together to say what I feel.  Struggling with the words, and often fighting off the doubt of who really wants to read this? And sometimes wondering if this is a chasing after the wind…

Then when I’ve just begun to write, my little one wakes up, a bit too early, and climbs into my lap.  I look at him, then at the computer screen, and I know that being faithful now means stepping away from the writing, pouring Cheerios, and snuggling with a three-year-old.  Time to be Mommy, not writer.

Faithfulness is more laundry than ever, and more meals than ever, and more mess than ever…and sometimes still the lonely question of “Does anyone notice?”  ”Does this matter?”

What does your faithfulness look like?  Is it in the home, or in the workplace (or God bless you if it is both.)  Are you faithfully serving, or faithfully praying, or faithfully, waiting?  Are you faithful to a marriage that would dissolve the second you let it?  Are you faithful to kids who don’t appreciate you?  What are your quiet acts of faithfulness?

Well, if there is ONE THING I do know, it is this:  Your faithfulness matters.  God sees every single act of faithfulness.  Not one of them slips by His watchful eye.  It is hard to see in the moment, but I promise you when you look back, you will see that He was smiling down on every.  little.  thing.

Looking back, I can see it now–those long, and lonely years…There was meaning there. Now I realize that it wasn’t friends or family who I needed then (though I longed for it more than I can say,) it was God’s presence.  I needed to need Him.  I needed to believe that He was as close as my breath and it was during those long days that I actually began to realize that He was.  And that He was more than enough.  

I can see His hand now, allowing me times of loneliness, and waiting.  I know, looking back, that He has been there for every load of laundry, and every stack of bills.   And whether our faithfulness leads to great things that we can see, or even greater things that we cannot see, I know that every act of faithfulness has great significance in God’s economy.

So, here is your virtual gold star, faithful ones.  Whether you’re at work, in a hospital, at home, or in the pickup line at your kids school, this one is for you.  If you’re at a low, I challenge you to write it down…this day, these feelings, your questions, your heart.  Save it for a few years before you pull it out again.   I am completely certain that one day you will see a purpose in it all.

And until then,  I’m smiling, and nodding at you through this screen.  And with every bit of love and compassion, and just a bit of tough love I say to you:  Get up, and get at it…You’ve got some very quiet, and some very great things to do!

Monica, (Grommom)


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