4 Ingredient Peanut Butter Balls

PEANUT BUTTER BALLS:  Four ingredients.  Easy to make. Super satisfying.

Welcome to one of my happiest happy places.

thegrommom's pb balls

These little guys have been a favorite in my house since…Well, since I was in my own mom’s house.
Maybe you grew up with them too? (I’ve been surprised by how many of my friends never heard of them, that’s why I’m here now.)

They were a childhood favorite of mine, and somewhere in the old-photo-files there is even a photo of a stack of them with a candle on top, next to a buck-tooth girl with a big grin.  I chose them in place of birthday cake, because I loved them THAT MUCH.

And I’m guessing my mom was quite pleased with such a request.
Because they’re so EASY to make.
And really, quite healthy–at least compared to birthday cake!


The other fun thing about these little fella’s is that it’s best to get your hands in and really mix things up…and kids pretty much love that job.
Some kids love it more than others, and I won’t mention names, but I happen to have one particularly tactile son…

Jonah in the mix PB balls

Peanut butter balls are great to keep on hand in the fridge or freezer.  Then you can pull them out, and POP them in your mouth for a little sweet treat that pretty much melts in your mouth.

(Warning:  Serious addiction factor here.)

peanut butter balls

One bite of these brings me back to my childhood kitchen.  Which is a really happy place to go.

Here’s the super easy printable!

Keep in mind that these are also great rolled in shredded coconut, or just about anything you like:  Nuts?  yes.  Chocolate sprinkles?  Oh yes.

And I didn’t plan these photos to be Patriotic, (my table still had decor from the bridal shower last week, :)) but with all of the red and blue and the stars, we might as well suggest you whip some of these up for a Fourth of July celebration.  Which, if your life is moving as quickly as mine, could be here in like the blink of an eye.

So, pin it, save it, and make them now to practice for later.

peanut butter balls

What one treat, smell or recipe brings you back to a happy childhood place?  

Have a great day–see you soon!


4 thoughts on “4 Ingredient Peanut Butter Balls”

  1. I used to eat these too as a kid! I love them cold, right out of the fridge. Sometimes, I wouldn’t even bother making the balls…and just eat it with a spoon straight from the bowl. I’ll have to make these soon, since it’s been years! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Have you tried these with any other butter than peanut? I’m debating trying either a sun butter or nutella for my no nut kiddo. Thanks for sharing; I’ve never heard of them before.

    1. Toni, Good question, and I honestly have not. I would guess they would be great though–as long as the texture and consistency of the butter is similar, it should be just fine!
      let me know if you try it, I’m sure there are many others who would like to know too! :) Aloha!

  3. Oh wow. Yummy!! Can’t wait to try them! Also am afraid of the addiction factor so I’ll try to go as healthy as I can without sacrificing taste….

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