Green (Banana and Kale) Muffins. Happy St. Patty’s Day!

My kids took one look at these and saw:  SPRINKLES.
I took one look and knew:  KALE, and BANANA.

banana kale muffins

I’m not usually one to (remember to) do any thing special for this particular holiday, but since I had already ironed Dave’s shirts, (I never do that!) organized the garage (no way!) emptied out a closet (Whoa!) and had dinner in the crock pot, I thought I might as well be a full-blown overachiever.
(It’s such a rare day when I don’t have to leave the house…I love it!)

With another big bunch of bananas waiting to be used, I decided to go green by tossing in some kale (a full packed cup,) and adding sprinkles. (Because green sprinkles are my sons’ love language.)

To make these sparkly green treats, just follow my BEST BANANA MUFFIN RECIPE (click there to get to post w/ printable recipe.)
BUT Before you add the bananas, blend a cup of kale with the mashed bananas in a blender or food processor.  
If you want your muffins a little more green, add a few drops of green food coloring to the batter before baking. 
Also, before you bake them, top each muffin with green sprinkles!  

They look like candy, but are filled with wholesome kale and bananas.  And they are incredibly moist and delicious!

St. Patty's Day muffins at

**Note to healthy people:  My banana muffin recipe has a bit of butter and sugar involved, so if you prefer to use a healthier recipe, it is fine–just blend that kale well with the bananas before baking your muffins!  (But you also might just want to try these.  They are SO WORTH the butter and sugar. :))

Banana Kale muffins with Green sprinkles at

Have a fabulous rest of your weekend and do some baking, ok?

6 thoughts on “Green (Banana and Kale) Muffins. Happy St. Patty’s Day!”

  1. This is too funny! Anna’s been wanting me to teach her how to make muffins, I have a big bag of kale in my fridge from Costco that I need to use before it goes bad, and I am trying to “cook the freezer and pantry” this month and have a bunch of frozen bananas. Plus I still have green sprinkles left over from our Mardi Gras king cake. Have you been spying in my kitchen? :)

    We’ll be test driving these Monday morning!

    Thanks, Monica!

      1. They were delicious! Big hit with the fam. And the fact that they were green made them even that much more fun. Thanks, Monica! You’re now officially invited to spy in my kitchen any time!

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