My (crazy) Summer Travel Plans

PCH, Cali

At some point a while back I promised to tell you about our upcoming summer travel schedule.  I joked that it might require flow charts and diagrams, and now that it’s all right in front of me, I’m still not sure if I can explain it all without totally confusing you and me both.  But I’m gonna try…

Hang in there (or skim over) while I try to make some sense of the next two months…

**Note:  Throughout this post, I will be interspersing some Cali photos from when Josiah and Levi and I were there for the USA Championship three years ago.  We had so much fun!  

under pier, So-Cal

So…Luke is in California now.  He took a redeye Tuesday night, and is safe (and apparently extremely happy) in Southern Cali right now.  That is good news, because believe you-me when I say that just getting him over there took all kinds of mental gymnastics and a few really good friends.  He flew over with another surf family who were heading over at the same time…Then our friend Bryan from Walking on Water helped get Luke from the San Diego Airport…at which point he met another friend who shuttled Luke as far as Huntington Beach where he’ll stay until I arrive on Saturday.

It takes a village.  Or three.
When I arrive Saturday morning I’ll be hurrying over to meet Luke at a Rip Curl Surf Contest, at Huntington Beach.

(making sense so far?)

Luke and I will then check into a hotel in San Clemente where we will stay and he will train with all the other groms at Trestles for the next couple weeks.

San Clemente Pier

Now, I should explain that way back when I started planning this time away with Luke, Dave made it very clear that this trip needed to be a “surf-focused trip.”  I was given strict instructions to NOT start calling all of my SoCal friends and blabbing about the trip on Facebook, which would turn it into a big social event.

Focus, Monica.  Focus.

Josiah at Nationals, 2011

I agreed.  Four weeks away from everything sounded really good, actually.  I thought I might even finally get some writing done…

But then things started to come up…and some things I really couldn’t control…

I can’t help that my sweet niece who lives just a couple hours away will be graduating high school and having a Baccalaureate Ceremony and Open House party the day after I get to California…and it totally makes sense that Luke and I would drive out to see her and the rest of the family.  And since my parents and my other brother and his wife will be there for the event as well, it only makes sense that they want to come spend a few days with us in San Clemente, right?…And then on top of that, my on-line friend Shanna, from Pineapple and Coconut will be vacationing just down the street from where we’re staying in San Clemente, so you better believe that I will find time to meet her IRL.

Now I’m trying to decide how much of this Dave needs to know…:)

Southern Cali

Well, I will promise that all of my social events will be planned AROUND Luke’s surf, but I also promise that we’re going to make the most of this vacation.
I don’t get off this island very often.


Moving along:  (are you still with me here? Go get a drink if you need to.)
A week after we settle in San Clemente, Dave and little Levi will fly in to join us.  Then it is guaranteed to be all about the surf.  That’s the part I’m most excited about!  We will stay with some friends (who have a little girl just about Levi’s age,) and I think that will be a super special part of our trip.

That week is also when the Surfing America USA Championship is happening at Trestles in San Clemente.  At this point Luke is still an alternate for the contest, so we are praying that he gets to compete.  But either way he’ll have some great training at the important breaks which he will revisit next summer, if not before.

NSSA Nationals Trestles

surf trestles

Dave and Levi will have to head back to Hawaii after ten days, and Luke and I will then move up the coast to Huntington Beach where he will train for and compete in the NSSA National Championship contest.

And that will wrap up our month in SoCal.

We return to Hawaii on the Fourth of July.

Now, if you’ve tracked along this far, take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back.  You are a good friend.

But, since I do read minds, I know that you have two burning questions!  Let’s see if I can help.

Well, the answer to that can only be done with pure honesty:  Levi would make the trip really hard.


Yes, I am crazy about my little Levi, and I will be missing him so much.  (Shoot, I miss him when I run out to do errands!)  But, if you’ve been reading this blog for long, you know that he is also not the easiest toddler on the block.  My (surf-centered) trip will be a busy time of shuttling to and from beaches, getting up before the sun, and a lot of long days at surf contests.  (not to mention some fun connecting with friends, shhh,) I simply don’t have the energy to drag along a little guy who throws a huge fit over which t-shirt he wears, or whether or not I might put my hair in a pony tail (Levi forbids it.)

Now if Levi were my first or second (or maybe even my third) child, the Mom-Guilt would overrule, and I am pretty sure I would have planned to bring him along.  But I have grown older and wiser (and tireder-) and now I know better.  Levi will have a better time back at home, and Luke and I will have some super special bonding time as well.  Levi will have ten days in Cali, so I think it’s a win win.  But trust me when I say that this has been the hardest part of it all.

In fact, I will likely be working on another post on that topic alone, because the last few weeks have been very much affected by the emotion and anticipation of my leaving Levi, and I have learned a lot. Perhaps after I process it all a bit more, I’ll be ready to write about it. Meanwhile, any last minute suggestions or prayers would be gladly accepted!

Little Levi SoCal

This brings me to a really fun part of how we worked out this summer plan! The same day I fly out to California, our oh-so-missed ex-nanny, Sandra will be flying IN.  Sandra has been living in Arizona for a year now, and she is missing Hawaii terribly.  So, she will come out here to fill in some gaps for me, and get her Hawaii fix at the same time.  It will certainly help Levi through the time that I’m away, and Josiah and Jonah are beyond excited.  You might remember that Sandra is the live version of Dora the Explorer, so the boys are counting on all kinds of adventure while she is here.  Not to mention some authentic Mexican tacos!

Josiah SoCal 2011

(we’re almost at the end, hang in there!)

Upon my return to Hawaii in July, my agenda will look like this:
a.   Hug and kiss all of the boys for hours on end…

b.  Begin to tackle a mile-high pile of mail, and 1400 other things on a to-do list.

c.  See a handful of people who happen to be on-island visiting that very week in July.

d.  Pack up to go away one more time.

Yes, there is one more adventure ahead.  (this: hot-off-the-press :)

Two weeks after we get back, the boys and I will be flying to Victoria, Canada, to hop on my parents lovely boat to cruise the Canadian Gulf Islands for eight days!!  Unplugged, and with NO agenda…(and NO surfing.) I think it will be a super healthy break.   Sadly, Dave will not be able to join us, but it should be a super special time with my parents, and an amazing time for the boys.  And me (I have a reputation for sleeping like a baby, any time–day or night, whenever I step foot on a boat.)

We will get back to Hawaii and have one little week before the next school year beings (ouch that hurts!)

So…There ends the summer fun, and if you actually read all of that–go find a gold star to stick on your forehead.

Time to go pack my bags,  and hug Levi for the fortieth time today.
Love to you all, and check back soon.

PS  I’m not sure if I will be posting infrequently because of all of the busyness in Cali, or if I get some quiet (i hope!), possibly finishing some writing and posting a bit more…Either way, I’ll be around.  And if you don’t want to miss a post you can subscribe to each post by filling in your email address below! ;)


7 thoughts on “My (crazy) Summer Travel Plans”

  1. Holy cow- I thought our summer was busy!!!!!! Enjoy every single minute. A change of pace and scenery is always good for the soul.

  2. Awesome!!!!! Congrats on coordinating such an amazing summer plan!!! Have fun and take lots of photos!!!! :-) and I totally get the Levi thing…don’t sweat it. Think how refreshed and recharged you’ll be when you see him again!!! Safe travels!!

  3. WOW, incredible journey! Can’t wait to read more (and maybe swing by to see you guys somewhere!) God Bless your adventure and much success!

  4. Wow – that sounds like an amazing summer! School doesn’t finish here until July 23rd…. feels so. far. away……

    Hope you are able to update us on your adventures but if not have an amazing time and hope the surfing is successful!

    Best wishes…

  5. All I can say to that is, I just got really tired for you. ;) Haha but seriously, you’ll be in my prayers this summer so that amidst all the busyness, you’re able to find some rest.

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