Surf Contest at Turtle Bay Resort-2014

Turtle Bay pool/surf

It’s been about a month since our last surf contest, and I admit, it’s been a nice break.  Surf contests can wear you out!  Both physically:  Getting up reeeewy early on both weekend mornings, along with a long day with too much sun+sand, {and I know yore not feeling sorry for me but really-} and then times it all by ten when you’re dragging around a temperamental three-year-old.)  And mentally:  Every time Luke surfs in a heat I feel the gray hairs growing.  I can hardly stand to watch these things.

But this weekend we were back at it with another surf contest.  Fortunately it was right in our backyard, at the Turtle Bay Resort.

I wasn’t complaining.

Well, to be honest, I WAS complaining when I woke up before the sun to pack up and get out the door, but I quit pretty quickly when we pulled into the Turtle Bay Resort and I saw this:

Sunrise on the backside of Turtle Bay Resort


The resort is super gracious to allow the HSA (Hawaiian Surf Association) to use the area just off the pool to put up tents and host the contest every year.  We just love hanging out and pretending to be tourists, and taking in the incredible views.  Of course I visited the coffee bar in the lobby, where I had great coffee and Luke scored an amazing chocolate croissant.  My parents joined us Sunday morning, and we all had breakfast in the Kula grill restaurant.  (YUM!)  And in between heats, we made our way over to the awesome lagoon where Levi had so much fun.  (As did Josiah, Jonah, and their buddy Kameron, who built sandcastles and frolicked like kids but don’t tell them I told you or they’ll make me delete all of this.  Shhh!)

Luke has held his ranking at #2 for HSA all year so far, but this weekend’s contest did NOT go so well.   His ranking may now drop, which is disappointing to him, however, the ultimate goal is to qualify for the State contest, and then Nationals in California, and he should still be in good shape for that.  Luke wiped his tears and left with a smile…Which, can I just pause for a moment and talk about the whole thing of watching your kids take risks, and face challenges, and sometimes NOT do well?  How painful parenting can be?…I get the whole idea some parents have of keeping their kids OUT of competitions, and sheltering them in the safety and security of their own homes, because really–letting them try and sometimes fail—OUCH.

Regardless, with an iPhone full of pictures, I thought I ought to share some here for all to enjoy!

Waves at Turtle Bay, Oahu, North Shore

Luke Swanson Surf--Turtle Bay Resort HSA surf contest at turtle Bay resort, Oahu Coffee Lounge at Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu Lukey w/ a chocolate Croissant, Turtle Bay Resort Groms at the blowhole--Turtle Bay, North Shore Oahu

Sand Castles at the Turtle Bay Lagoon
Kids at Lagoon, Turtle Bay Resort Levi/ Turtle Bay lagoon Boys at the lagoon, Turtle Bay Oahu

Turtle Bay Lagoon

See you all soon!

PS:  Selfies might be SO 2013, but I vote SHADOW-SELFIES take the stage in 2014. Give me all the long-and-lean I can get.
Don’t ya think?!

Shadow Selfie, thegrommom

PPS:  a perhaps more interesting post from LAST YEAR’s Turtle Bay surf contest, HERE.
And, A Day in the Life of a Surf Contest Post:  Here.

One last PS:  (is that a PPSS?)  Did you get to see Hawaii 5-0 last Friday?  My boys rocked their 30 second appearance.  If you missed it, I can try to post a poor-quality iPhone video of the TV screen and share their scene!….Let me know if you’d like to see that. :)

8 thoughts on “Surf Contest at Turtle Bay Resort-2014”

  1. I did several “shadow selfies” in the sand and waves when I was down last year. And several mid-thigh down shots, we are talking pics of feet in the ocean, or where all you see is my knees and sand. Oh the “joys” of traveling alone.

  2. Hooray for Luke for getting out there and competing! It can’t be easy, but he’s so lucky to have your family’s support. Ok, I admit, I actually got tears in my eyes when I saw the photo of the view from what must be the Turtle Bay coffee bar. Just absolutely beautiful. Sipping a latte while taking in that view must be a bit of heaven on earth!!! And I TOTALLY saw your older three boys/young men on Hawaii Five-0!!! Tommy and I were cheering at the TV screen!! Don’t want to give anything away but that close-up was fantastic!!!! :-D

    1. Thank you Wendy!! First of all–yes, the lobby coffee bar is a favorite place of mine…I sometimes bring my laptop there midday to do some writing and sip a latte! I know…such a treat and I am so thankful!!
      Glad you saw the boys on 5-0! Funny, Josiah is the one who said “I’m NOT an actor” and really did not want to do the thing at all, but his face…Wasn’t that expression pretty convincing!? So much fun!

  3. Shadow Selfie! Love it…

    DEFINITELY post the 30 sec. video!

    I love this post with all the Hawaiian pictures and your kids playing in the sand. So beautiful!

    You are a great mom for sacrificing sleep to get your kids out there to those competitions. Watching them “fail” (although I don’t think it was really a failure) is tough. It’s a great life lesson though.

    Miss you! XOXO

  4. It’s so hard when your kids don’t do quite as well as they wanted, but I guess the main part is to stay positive for them and make sure they are still having fun.
    I loved Turtle Bay when we went over there to go horse back riding. It was such a nice area.

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